10/29/20 Emporia Smart Plug Controls and Notification Ideas

Emporia Energy Community Emporia News 10/29/20 Emporia Smart Plug Controls and Notification Ideas

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      Jim @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Control your Emporia Smart Plugs with the Sun

      We’ve added a feature to the Smart Plugs that allows you to turn your appliances and devices on or off based on your local sunset and sunrise times. You can find this nifty feature under Manage Devices > Smart Plug name > Schedule > + Add Schedule > Time. Then choose the Sun Cycle tab at the top of the page. You’ll then be able to set the toggle time to an hour plus or minus sunrise or sunset in 5 minute increments. This feature requires the location for the Smart Plug be set in the app.

      This new feature can be found in Emporia App Version is available today in the App Store and Google Play!

      Don’t have a Smart Plug Yet?

      The Emporia Smart Plug allows you to monitor the energy use and control most home appliances and electronics from anywhere with the Emporia App or by voice with Google or Alexa. Plus, the Emporia Smart Plug integrates seamlessly with your existing Emporia Vue!
      Track energy use
      Schedule ON/OFF times
      Control with Google and Alexa
      Control from anywhere
      15A max power
      Requires 2.4 GHz WiFi
      Shop Emporia Smart Plugs

      Vue Notification Ideas

      With the release of custom alerts earlier this month, our employees and many of our customers have come up with some creative ideas to get notified about changes in their energy use. We wanted to share some of these ideas with you, so you can use them too.

      Know When Your Garage Door is Opening/Closing
      As a security measure or just to know it’s operating normally, you can set an alert on your garage door opener if it’s on it’s own circuit. Set your notification to fire on that circuit when it exceeds 0.300 kW for 3 seconds.

      Know When Your Sump Pump Has Turned On
      If you have need for a sump pump where you live, you would probably like to know when it is running. If it has a dedicated circuit, set an alert to go off when that circuit exceeds 0.040 kW for 10 minutes.

      Know When Your Clothes Dryer Shut Off
      No need to set a timer or be in ear shot range of your dryer to know when it is done with a load of laundry. Just set an alert and your phone will tell you. On your dryer circuit, set a threshold for less than or equal to 0.100 kW for 5 minutes.

      Know When You’re Generating Solar
      There are a few ways to get solar alerts on your Vue. You have to remember that the Vue classifies generation as a negative number. If you’d like to know when you’re generating enough to give back to the grid, set an alert on your Mains to fire when they are less than or equal to 0.000 kW for 30 minutes. If you have 50A sensors dedicated to your solar inverter and want to know when they’re generating, make sure the circuit types are set to solar/generation in the app. Then set an alert to go off when they are less than or equal to 0.000 kW for 30 minutes.

      Let Us Know About Your Alerts
      If you have alerts you’d like to share, please post them here in the Emporia Community so we can all benefit.

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