12/15/20 Emporia News – Sync Billing Cycle 📅 & Stocking Stuffers 🎁

Emporia Energy Community Emporia News 12/15/20 Emporia News – Sync Billing Cycle 📅 & Stocking Stuffers 🎁

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      Jim @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Emporia App Update

      Emporia App Version is available today in the App Store and Google Play! Here’s what’s new:

      Set the Billing Date for your Vue

      You can now sync your Vue with your electric billing cycle. Just tap the hamburger icon  , then choose Billing Date, then tap the device for which you wish to set the date. The day you choose will be the start of a new month and any days before it will be reflected in the previous month.

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      Emporia Smart Plugs
      Emporia Smart Plugs allow you to monitor the energy use and control most home appliances from anywhere with the Emporia App, Google Assistant, or Alexa. Set schedules by day / time / sunrise / sunset. Remote control from anywhere.
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      Gen 2 Vues Are Available on Amazon

      While Gen 2 Vues are not yet available at the Emporia Online Shop, they are in stock on Amazon. Emporia’s next generation energy monitor has everything you need to monitor your entire home’s energy usage and up to 16 individual circuits in real time. See how much electricity your home is using anywhere, anytime.
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