2 circuits showing very similar but not exact usage.

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      I have a strange mystery. Two of my ‘circuits’ show almost identical usage but not exactly the same. I have overlaid the usage in excel (see below). The house is very old (UK) and had multiple wires in each fuse (yes, fuses) but I clipped each wire individually. No double pole breakers. Balance hovers between 0 and 1%. I can’t currently visit the house to investigate due to covid so for now I am trying to think how this could happen. Installed yesterday so it has been like this from day one.

      Is it possible the two circuits are joined somewhere else in the house with one wire carrying on to other sockets. Would that result in what I am seeing?

      Perhaps I accidentally clipped two wires with one of the clamps, but wouldn’t the balance be out then?

      Any help much appreciated.

      Two circuits similar usage

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      Do they ever deviate? Maybe 2 light switches side by side with similar loads but on different circuits? Are there any smart switches controlling 2 things? A/V system with powered satellite speakers? Pretty spikey load whatever it is. Should be easy to spot next time you go there. Looks like it matches a sleep/wake cycle.

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      Is it a ring circuit?  I’m not from the UK, but I’ve read that’s something somewhat common there.


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      A ring circuit would do this, and the difference is from the load not being in the middle of the circuit. The wire closer to the fuse will show slightly higher current, but both wires will show matching load data.

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      Thanks for the replies. I put both wires into one CT and problem solved.

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