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      I’m deciding which of my circuits I’m going to monitor with my new 16CT Gen 2 Vue.  I’ve decided on 12 of the 16 CTs.  I therefore have 4 CTs to go, and about 10 single breaker circuits to select from, PLUS the second leg of 5 dual breakers to consider.

      I understand we usually clamp one side of the dual breaker items (AC, Stove, Dryer) under the assumption that the load is balanced.

      I also have a dual 30A breaker going to a sub panel which includes baseboard heaters that are on a single pole. breaker in the sub.  That’s definitely unbalanced load.

      I also have a SolarEdge inverter feeding power in on a dual 40A breaker.

      My questions:

      1) How good is the assumption that AC, Stove, and Dryer are indeed balanced?  Do I stick with one CT on each and multiply?
      2) Since the sub panel is unbalanced, should I assume I need one on each leg to get a good idea of my heaters use?
      3) Do I need to clamp both sides of the solar system, or just one and multiply?

      Thanks in advance for advice.

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      You can try and experiment. I found out the following:

      The oven is fairly well balanced. So is the EV charger.

      The Dryer is not – especially on energy saving mode, it will only use one of the taps. So what I do is only monitor that tap and use a multiplier like 1.7

      For the Solar, I think one would be fine. For the baseboard – probably both if they are hooked on both sides and can be used indpependently.


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      Many thanks for the detailed response.

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