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      So I have 40 circuits in my panel.  There are quite a few that only have one item or recep on them.  I have mostly tandem breakers and I’ve tested getting four wires from alternating breakers through one clamp.  It works but is going to take some rearranging and consolidating.  I’m thinking I’ll merge some of the low current circuits before the breaker and cut down a few too.  What I don’t like about that is not having as detailed a view.  Has anyone tested or can someone from Emporia tell me if I can use two gen 2 systems and just connect each to one leg of my input?  Would I just have to look at them separately or is there a way to merge them?  If this hasn’t come up yet I’ll have the same issue with a subpanel in my shop.  At some point I’d like to see its circuits separately.

      I really like the idea of separate clamps but am I better off with Sense or something like it?  I’ve read the AI isn’t perfect..


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