5/8/21 Emporia’s New Features in App Update 2.5 📱

Emporia Energy Community Emporia News 5/8/21 Emporia’s New Features in App Update 2.5 📱

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      Jim @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Emporia App Update

      Emporia App Version 2.5 is available today in the App Store and Google Play! Here are all the new features in this release:

      Home Screen Time Slider

      Now in addition to the Home Screen showing you real time energy usage, there is now a retractable time slider at the top of the page that allows you to traverse your history. To view the slider, pull it down from the bar under the page title. Then, you can either interact with the slider by dragging it left or right to go back and forth through time, or by clicking the arrows on either side of the slider. The range that the data goes back varies by time frame as follows: Seconds: 5 minutes, Minutes: 40 minutes, Hours, 40 hours, Days: 33 days, Weeks: 26 weeks, Months: 26 months, and Years: 3 years.

      Nested Vues

      For those of you with multiple Vues, you can now nest a Vue underneath another. This is for situations where your second Vue is a subpanel that is supplied power by a circuit from your main panel. The subpanel will appear nested on the Home Screen. To nest a Vue under another Vue or circuit, go to Manage Devices > Vue and Circuits > Vue Info. Then use the dropdown labeled Nest Under.

      Utility Rate Plan Lookup

      The Emporia App can now lookup the cost of your energy from your utility based on the location of your Vue. To do this, go to Household Info > Set Utility Rate. Then choose the Vue you’d like to set the rate for. Now choose to set the Rate based on your location. You’ll then be able to choose your utility and the energy rate plan you subscribe to. This will help us calculate your energy costs more accurately, especially when you’re on a tiered or Time-of-Use plan. The utility names listed may be alternate local names for the utilities in your area. Check your energy bill if the names aren’t familiar.

      Gross Grid Energy for Solar

      For those of you with solar systems we have added two new entries on the Home Screen in addition to the current net metering that is displayed. You’ll now see numbers for the gross energy that your system gets from the grid and sends out to the grid — giving you a better understanding of your solar’s impact on your energy bill.

      Amps on the Mains

      When using Amps as the Unit of Measurement on the Home Screen, the current for each leg/phase on the Mains is now stated separately. This provides a more accurate current measurement since combining the mains would sometimes double count the 240V loads.

      Custom Circuit Sorting on the Home Screen

      If you aren’t a fan of how the Home Screen sorts your circuits by real-time usage, we’ve added the ability for you to create your own custom sort order, so your circuits will always be where you expect them. To take advantage of this feature, go to Manage Devices > Vue and Circuits and turn on Custom sort circuits on Home Screen. Once enabled, you’ll be able to tap and drag the circuits into whatever order your heart desires, which will be reflected on the Home Screen.

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