6/15/21 Attention PyEmVue Users!

Emporia Energy Community Emporia News 6/15/21 Attention PyEmVue Users!

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      Ted @ Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Dear Customers:

      We appreciate the enthusiasm for Emporia devices but a minority of customers are causing a majority of the load on our servers.  Some users of the PyEmVue library are requesting years of Monthly usage data every 2 seconds.  That is unnecessary since previous month data won’t change and current month data only changes every hour.

      We aren’t cutting off PyEmVue completely, but we plan to introduce limits in the cloud to prevent a few users from overloading the cloud.  In the meantime, please be respectful by fetching data less frequently and avoiding re-fetching unchanging data.

      We also intend to change the app to have it fetch data less frequently when the app is left running continuously.  We want to present up-to-date data when it is helpful but we need to avoid fetching data around the clock when no user is looking at it.



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