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      My AC units is on a 60A dual pole circuit. In the installation FAQ it says that the expansion modules support eight 50A circuits.

      “How many expansion modules can be plugged into the Vue?
      Each Vue can support one Expansion Module that provides individual monitoring for up to eight 50A circuits.”

      What do I have to consider when having a 60A circuit bring monitored, will it misrepresent peak load?

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hi @toddbecker the 50A sensors have resolution up to 63A in measurement.   You should be find using the expansion modules on your 60a breaker.

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      I just purchased your product from Amazon, and I would like to know the minimum load for your 50A CT’s?  Also, do you plan on offering lower amp CT’s that would, potentially, be more sensitive with a lower minimum?

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