8 Sensors exceeding power draw of Main sensors

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      I have noticed a number of times that when I add up the 8 circuit sensors I have installed the Watt’s being drawn is more then the Mains sensor. Since the install I have been back in the panel a couple of times moving things around a bit. So I checked to make sure the clamps are closed and fully plugged in.

      Downloading and viewing my raw data I see this happening a number of times. I do see what appears to be fairly balanced inputs for the mains on both legs. Saying that my daily usage seems to low to add up to what my Hydro company says I use.

      Here are a couple times slots that I see quickly where this is happening. They seem to happen when there is a larger load on my electrical dryer or hot tub.

      9/25/2020 – 2156 – 2213

      9/26/2020 – 0256 – 0312

      9/26/2020 – 1621 – 1641

      The account is tied to the same email I am using on the forums here.



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      Marty @Emporia
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      @bedpan this is most likely due to the multiplier you have on the dryer circuit.   Please see below, which can be found  https://emporiaenergy.com/gen-2-faq/

      While some 240V circuits have a balanced load, they can also be different. This causes the multiplied value reported to be greater than the total actual load.

      For example, the heating element of an electric dryer might be on one leg and the tumbler motor could be on the other. If you are monitoring the tumbler leg and the dryer heating element goes off, you might see an overstated value due to the multiplier.

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      @emporia thanks..


      It does not appear to be dryer related. When I first installed I had a CT on each Leg of the dryer and still had the issue. In fact it seems to happen usually when the dryer is not running but when my hot tub is running. The hot tub I have a CT on each leg.


      Any other thoughts? Should I call in for support?

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