Ability to monitor the amperage for on both phases coming into the service

Emporia Energy Community Product Ideas Ability to monitor the amperage for on both phases coming into the service

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      The ability to monitor both the a and b phases of the service coming in would be a great asset to attain closer to a balanced load across phases

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Thanks for your recommendation on seeing phase detail (A and B broken out) on our main circuits. I have sent this recommendation on to the development team for review.

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      Emporia has said that they are adding “combining” to the Home screen display and hopefully before 2020 is over.  If anybody knows of any details on this, please post or repost!

      Regarding @Jcdwing suggestion to show both phases – YES!  And this is what I would expect to see – that the multiple phases combined into the Main line would be viewable by doing something like tapping a down arrow on the right of the line and seeing an expanded view of the combined channels.

      Energy Use in kW

      Main                    12.040  100%  ^

          A                          6.140   51%

          B                         5.900    49%

      This same thing would apply to any multi-pole circuit and should be done whether it has sensors on every pole or only one sensor and a “multiplier” as it is currently called (that needs some refinement also) and in such a case, it would look something like this:

      Water Heater       4.200  100%   ^

          A (no sensor)    2.100   50%

          B                            2.100   50%

      Note that the Vue system has detected and is reporting which phase/hot leg it has a sensor on – the same one that is plugged into the current sensor port labeled B and reporting that the other hot leg does have a sensor and the value is mathematically derived.

      What do you think?

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      Yes please big need.

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      I have also been requesting this since day 1 and I was very disappointed that this was not already available.

      Please add this feature you already have possibility to log both phases. The display is essential also when running on power generator (which is my case when there’s a power outage) and I specially bought this to do that (I have before older CT coil hooked to a ugly LED display). I wanted to be able to monitor phase balancing from my desk when there’s an outage.

      Product is perfect just missing this 😉


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