Alerts on Smart Plugs and Balance needed

Emporia Energy Community Product Ideas Alerts on Smart Plugs and Balance needed

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      When trying to set up a notification/custom alert, I noticed that all the current sensors are available but not the Smart Plugs and the Balance.

      Support, why can’t alerts be set up for Smart Plugs?  We see that you are getting the same data that you have for the sensed circuits – amps for sure and presumably voltage so ???

      Balance is, of course, the arithmetic of Main sensor(s) minus all the line sensors, and it would seem to be a value stored in the Emporia database and, if so, it would be just as easy for the alert system to monitor as any sensed line.  Support, please ask Dev if they can add Balance to the picker and let us know or why not!  I want to know when things are out of control back at the ranch.  😉

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