Another issue diagnosed with the Emporia product. Saved well pump

Emporia Energy Community Share Your Emporia Experience Another issue diagnosed with the Emporia product. Saved well pump

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      I have been using 2 Vue systems and an expansion pack for about a week now and have found a number of issues with my home’s mechanical systems. The latest is the cycle stop valve that prevents rapid cycling of the well pump to prolong its life. It was adjusted incorrectly so it was causing the pump to cycle too often; shortening its life by half. (I just replaced it after 12 years; too short) A quick adjustment fixed an issue that otherwise I never knew!

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      Jim @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      @cwajciec, we continue to be impressed by how you’re using your Vue to optimize your home and reduce your vampire loads. You’re an inspiration! Thanks for sharing.

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      Ric Werme

      I’ll just tack on to this thread.

      This AM I noticed that my well pump had been running far longer than it should.  The two possibilities are the recent dry weather meant the well was dry, the other is that the pump is failing.

      The well is 200′ deep, can provide 20 gal/min, and there’s a small (nearly dry!) river across the street, the well should be fine.  With some limited experiments I can do, it appears the pump can get water up to 60 psi, whereupon I turned it off.  I’ll see if it can do more in a bit.

      Last year I had everything inside replaced, the tech commented that the pump was drawing more power than it should and might want to be replaced soon.  However, that may be a separate issue.  My suspicion is that the pumps’s impellers are worn, the well company suggests there might be cracks in the pump or plumbing.  We’ll find out on Friday.

      Important part:  The _only_ indication of a problem came from the Emporia Vue.  Without it, the next symptom would have been no water or a big electric bill.  Thanks guys!

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      Just requested a new Notification to detect this.  Nice.

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