Any way of adding individual devices manually or automatically to circuits?

Emporia Energy Community Product Ideas Any way of adding individual devices manually or automatically to circuits?

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      Will this feature be available in the future?

      For example, I have a pump and a washing machine on one circuit. I’d imagine the pump is relatively stable wattage when it’s running full and for x amount of time generally-speaking. It’s also being fed by other moisture sources and not just the washer. After a while, a pattern could be detected and even possibly compared to a database of devices for detection users provide. I’m thinking this is probably how Sense works.

      With the washer, I could also indicate via the app that I’m about to start something then give that a label manually as well/instead.

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      Jim @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      @charlie, in our research and testing, AI appliance/equipment detection proves difficult and inaccurate because of the inability to separate the load signature of individual devices vs. others when they are all on simultaneously. These concerns are commonly reported for other energy monitors on the market that have attempted this type of detection. This is why we developed the Vue Expansion Module so we can have more certainty of how much a circuit is consuming. We also have plans to produce single 120V smart outlets that integrate seamlessly into the Vue system, giving our customers exceptional and accurate energy data for individual appliances that aren’t served by a single circuit.

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