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      I believe I found a bug that partially crashes the app and is easily reproducible.

      My setup is detailed in this experience thread:

      I realize there is ways to improve the current nesting experience (sorting/summing/%) but all of these are more or less cosmetic and I can live with.

      There is one instance that crashes the rendering of data in the app with nested Vue units.

      When the main Vue2 unit is setup with Solar enabled (tracking net metering) and a dedicated sub panel for solar is nested under the main Vue – all data rendering for that Main Vue and all other nested Vues stops working in the app. The screen is always empty under the main Vue line. When removing the solar sub by:

      1. making it stand alone  or
      2. nesting it under another unit e.g. the Vue Utility Connect instance

      everything starts working and reporting data again. Even when the setup is broken, all the Vues collect and report data, nothing gets lost, only the display portion of the Vue App ‘crashes’ when rendering the setup. To be clear the App never really crashes just the rendering stops filling the screen.

      It can be easily reproduced and the Solar only sub panel Vue can be moved in and out of the nesting – breaking and fixing the issue.

      Would be great if that could be fixed in an upcoming App release. Happy to test any solution or version if that helps.

      Thank you!

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      Would have been a much better customer experience if somebody from the emporia team could at least acknowledge reports of bugs and issues. It’s very clear that customer feedback is not really valued. I made the jump from another product with multiple units, but honestly the software is lacking severely.

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      In the past they have been pretty good at answering, so they may all be busy on the next big update that is supposed to come this summer. We know they are a small team, so I am tempted to cut them some slack 🙂

      When you have a real problem, it is always best to also email support directly, they may miss a forum post once in a while, but I always got answer on direct email to support.

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