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      I wanted to offer a few suggestions for the mobile app.  Could you add a dashboard page?  So you’d have the dashboard and detailed views.  Detailed would be the current sec\min\hr\day\etc view.  The dashboard could summarize the detailed view and show things like:
      total usage in kWh and $ to time period (i.e day\week\month\statement date)
      top X circuits over that time period (like 5\10\all)
      alerts based on total usage to date; i.e 50% to month total

      Having some native total in both kWh and $ would be nice.  Easy to see where one is in during the month.

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      I agree, the app needs to provide a better way to show usage data. Having previously used other apps, your app’s data presentation is more coarse.
      as far as receiving the email data, I’ve had real difficulties opening the data on Apple MacBook Air (latest version).   I wish the app presented the data in an easier to use format.

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      When i tried to set “Confirm on/off” individually for each smart plug, i discovered that the setting is global for all smart plugs and the change on one affects all. This would be a nice feature to have.


      Thanks for all your hard work!



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