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      • Generally, all home supplies are single-phase 240 – so could supply 1x 200A input sensor & simplified power wiring by default.
      • UK distribution panels are small/cramped – Vue is definitely not fitting inside.
        • Provide keyholes in enclosure to facilitate wall mounting
        • Wifi Antenna needs to mount direct onto Vue device (cable & knock-out seal are redundant & makes antenna a nuisance to mount)

      These are the quick & easy things to fix.


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      Emporia Support
      Emporia Staff

      Hi @mooky thanks for the feedback!

      These changes are definitely reasonable requests and we certainly understand the challenges that our UK customers face when installing our Gen 2 Vue in a Consumer Unit.

      Any changes we make to our product would require us to resubmit to UL for certification, retooling of our molds, and dilute our purchasing power due to additional product variants.   All of these factors will increase our costs.

      I will pass this feedback onto our head of product development and see what changes if any we can make with our Gen 2 Vue for the UK market place.

      Again, thanks for this feedback!



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