Can’t set up account without American ZIP code I live in Canada.

Emporia Energy Community Support Center Report a Bug Can’t set up account without American ZIP code I live in Canada.

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      Please provide a way to sign in using Canadian Postal code which is alpha numeric or provide a workaround.
      Byron Hurn

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      Try closing the app and going back into it. On my first setup I got stuck at the timezone selection because pressing the “Set Timezone” button didn’t do anything, so I thought I wasn’t able to finish setting it up. But after closing the app and reopening it I found everything was set up. Going into the Household Information everything just had a value of “not set” but I was still able to monitor my energy. I used the product for 3-4 days before I reset the Vue and was able to plug in my ZIP code, utility rate, timezone, etc on the second go-round. So you should be able to use the product/app without needing to supply a ZIP code.

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hello Byrohn, for now please just enter a US postal zip code. We are working on adding international zip codes as well as international time zones for customers outside the United States.

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