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      I just got my 16 channel Vue and I love it. Like others here, as soon as I had it I was hungry for more. Unfortunately I have 4 different breaker boxes around my house (outdoors for pool, multiple floors, etc) and my primary breaker has way more than 16 circuits. I would love to have a Vue in every box across the house but also combine them in the app to see a single “home view”. Any update on where this is on the roadmap?

      Also, if I have a 220 circuit and I use a separate sensor on each of the 2 wires, is there a way to combine that in the app to a single circuit? I currently have 2 of the sensors on lines going to a sub panel, would be great to combine them into a single combined “circuit”

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      @Gwrapps, Great to hear you are looking for more coverage!   Our development team is working on a software enhancement within the Emporia app that will allow you to combine multiple Vue’s circuits.

      As for 240v circuits the above enhancement will allow you to combine the usage into one value.

      Keep an eye out for our email updates on the most recent app enhancements.


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      I’m excited that you’re working to combine multiple Vues.  I hope the solution you provide will support my multiple Vue setup, which might be close to a “worst case” (really “most complicated”) example.

      I have a main panel with an 8 channel Vue (there’s not much coming from the main panel).  The main panel feeds a subpanel where I have TWO 16 channel Vues.  I assume at a minimum the enhancement you are working on will support combining all 40 channels (8 channels from main Vue + 32 channels from the other Vue) as though they were all connected at the main Vue.  But that will leave 4 unused 200A sensors.  Would be nice if they could be repurposed as additional circuit sensors (perhaps with less precision since they are designed for 200A, but I’m sure people would appreciate it).  I’d like to be able to use two of the clamps to measure the power going into the subpanel (though I can’t think of a great reason I’d NEED to do that).

      Really hope you can implement these changes soon!

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      Really looking forward to this…once I can combine the circuits, I will totally be buying 2 more 16-channel Vues. Just like yonkiman, I would need 2 separate 16-channel devices in a single box to get a full picture of my home. Plus all my subpanels, the panel outside for the pool, etc.

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