Complicated setup in the UK with a V-Phase and Solar!

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      Deep breath!  My set up is in the UK, I have solar panels plus something called a V-Phase.  The V-Phase irons out the alternating -240v to +240v and produces a constant 220 v AC. The idea is that most household appliances are made to work on 220v, so anything above is just wasteful heat. However, lighting, electric motors, cookers etc, would benefit from 240v.  For this reason, my lights, cooker, immersion buzz bar in the consumer unit is 240v, but the sockets buzz bar is 220 volts. The Vue 2 is powered by the 220v but the 200CV is on the 240v supply coming in. (in the consumer box). I imagine that this would upset the Vue 2’s calculation on the 200 amp CV plus the lighting, cooker and solar. (as this is on 240 volt, but the Vue 2 is on 220v).

      So I put on the 3Kw kettle and noticed it reported it as 2.7Kw, I then went to the  Kettle circuit multiplier and through trial and error ended up putting in 1.1, which almost brought it up to 3Kw. I have no idea if this is what the multiplier is for, but I then went round all he other 240v circuits and did the same, plus the main 200 amp multiplier. I also did this to the Solar, which seems to have brought the solar production up to more or less what the solar inverter say it is producing.

      At the moment, the 200amp CV is in the consumer unit box, but the Solar is joined next to the meter, so I expect that is causing problems with  the calculation, but I have tried to move the 200 amp CV to the meter using a photo extension lead, but that seem to upset the unit and turn all the readings to zero. Not 100% sure if that is the reason, or if I have a dodgy Vue 2, but I’ll work that one out in another post!

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