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      I have a busbar breaker box so I wasn’t able to put the main 200A sensors on my main inputs.  I’ve instead connected them to branch circuits so that along with the 8 sensors of the expansion module, I can monitor 10 circuits.  This seems to work, however the app still insists on assuming the load through the 200A sensors is a total load, so it displays the load of every other branch circuit as a percentage of this.  For example if the circuit being monitored by the 200A sensors is not drawing power then all of the other circuits display “infinity” or “0”  as their percentage.  Is there a way to configure it to know that the 200A sensors are monitoring just another branch circuit?  Ideally it would show the branch circuit percentages of the sum of all measured circuits, or would allow me to use the measurements from the smart meter (as read by a separate vue utility connect) as the total power draw to measure the percentages relative to.

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      Marty @Emporia
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      @peteman thanks for bringing this to our attention.  We are aware of this situation when customers are using the mains on other circuits, or not at all.   Our development team has this on our radar, but right now we don’t have a specific release date. We appreciate your feedback and hope you understand that we’re working very hard to prioritize the many enhancements that have been requested.

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