CSV Export should include all Smart Sockets

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      CSV export should export everything.

      I think of Smart Sockets as additional channels over above the 16 on my Vue.  I don’t think of them as standalone devices.

      It’s silly that they each have their own location and their own electricity rate.   I know you’re going to fix that.

      They should also be included in CSV exports as if they were additional channels.

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      Can someone post an example or image of the CSV Export contents?  I’d like to see if it’s possible to determine when individual CTs rise/fall and at what time periods.  Thx

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      When you do a CSV export, you get a Zip file with 4 files

      The day increment values, the hour increment values and the seconds increment values.

      In each file, the first column is the time stamp, followed by one column per CT, then each line has the kilowatt reading for the corresponding CT and time stamp

Viewing 2 reply threads
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