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      I’m a new user and so far I find the app very useful.   The CSV export function would be great if only I can find a way to export my 8 expansion module circuits.   Am I missing something, or is this not possible?


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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hello @Looneybird!  Welcome to the Emporia Family.   You should be able to see the expansion circuits listed separately after selecting the  “Export Data to CSV”  under the Settings page.   The expansion name is listed in parentheses

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      As of yesterday (May 12) afternoon, it seems like the export for the Vue now includes the data from any expansion circuits connected to the Vue as well.

      While you can still kick off the export of the expansion unit from within the app, it spits out the exact same data as that of the main Vue unit (the export file name is the same).

      I have two Vue units each with an expansion unit and both are exhibiting the same behavior as described above.

      An additional change also seems to be the fact that each of the “main” CT values are also now being reported individually rather than a single value.  In other words, on a single phase system you have two big CTs and now you have values reported for each CT leg/phase.  If you have a three phase system, you will also  have values for the third CT.  This is a good step in my book since it can help you figure out if your circuit breakers are unbalanced….





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