Emporia Smart Plugs not available in notifications?

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      I have a few Emporia Smart Plugs in my system, and I want to use one of them for a notification of use above a certain amount. I can do tha notification just fine for one of the hard-wired Vue circuits. But I don’t see any of the plugs shown in the selection.

      Is this a “feature” or am I doing something wrong?



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      Totally agree, as posted in another older thread, there are some very important use cases for this:

      Fridge/deep freeze does not turn on for x hours (smart switch off, cable unplugged, compressor failure, etc)
      Fridge/deep freeze is on for more than x hours (door left open, etc)

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      Yes!  Extremely surprised And disappointed when I couldn’t find the smart plugs for notifications!   Also, if a plug is listed under a circuit, the App seems to subtract the plugs data from the circuit, so would monitoring the circuit even work?  This should be an easy fix, does Emporia monitor their forum?

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      Hello @stevenc88 As the other forum members have mentioned we do not support alerts on our SMART plugs.   We do have this our roadmap for a future software enhancement.   At this time we do not have a expected release date.


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