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      Hi folks,

      I recently installed a Vue 2.

      My EV charger is 240V, 3.8kW that draws about 16A on a dual pole 240V breaker.

      When checking the amp draw for the EV, it shows up properly.

      EV charger draw

      However, when viewing the Main amperage, the EV charger is shown as drawing 32A.

      Total amperage

      Any idea why Main is showing double the amp draw? The multiplier is set to 2.0 as per Vue 2 Installation instructions Step 9(continued).

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      Nvm, here’s an answer from Emporia support

      Good catch. You’re correct that graph is wrong in the way it is displaying Amperage information in the graphs. This is a known bug in our app and unfortunately there isn’t an easy fix. The way to fix this would be to tag each circuit in your system with a 120/240 tag to let us know if the circuit is a dual pole breaker using both legs of power or not. We might be looking into adding this feature into the app to provide more clarity and be able to fix this graphing issue. For the time being, we’ll just have to know that Amps on the graphing page will combine both legs of amperage as seen by your mains. The Home page will show both legs accurately, and your kW calculations are correct, its just viewing Amps on the mains circuits within graphs will be inaccurate for a while. Very sorry about this confusion, be sure to let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

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      Known bug.  When you set a multiplier presently (such as single clamp 240V), the Amps reading is also doubled.

      Also, know that Amps value is presently manufactured – the Vue2 only sends real power to the cloud.  We don’t get to see real Amps draw – just the power divided by assumed 120V line voltage, which doesn’t take into account real/apparent power and phase angle for AC loads (resistive/capacitive/inductive).  So the Amps shown at present is not necessarily what you’d measure with a DVM clamp meter on that circuit.

      Emporia has promised an update handle 240V circuits better (and presumably fix this bug), but unknown when this is due now.

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