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      The money reporting portion is wildly inaccurate for my situation when I’m generating excess energy for Net Metering.
      Since I live in a municipality in New England, we have town-controlled electric with minimal and monthly fluctuating payback.

      To give you a general idea how much so, we’re at around .03 cents currently for sending energy back to the grid so it’s not much at all. They try to not incentivize oversizing systems in my town. On the other hand, our electric is three-tiered (with lots of hidden charges such as ‘underground delivery’) and if I had to round a number for usage costs is probably around .19 cents.

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      @Charlie  it was great to speak with you over the phone earlier today.   As discussed, we are working on several enhancements with the app and how we look at rates.   The ultimate goal for Emporia is to be able to match your Utilities exact plan, thus we would be able to capture this large variance in what you get for putting energy back on the grid.

      This is a large undertaking and we are working as fast as we can.   At this time, we don’t have a release date.


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      This forum is too complicated for the novice.. Losing interest so fast as a net metering NOVICE and Emporia Energy..

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      Yes, that would be a great feature @Charlie . In Northern CA we have a similar set of rules: for net energy metering overproduction you only get back the wholesale rate, and that whole sale rate will be an average wholesale rate. However, it is for the whole-year so at “true-up” you can at least average some of the production in the sunny times with the use in dark times. I think first would be great to have total monthly usage Tiers and TimeOfUse rates into the schedule…

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      +1 to this

      Being able to add rates & TIMES is important, and also *possibly* different rates for circuits.
      Here in Australia we typically have 3 rates:
      – Peak (most expensive): 14:00 to 20:00 = 35c/kwh
      – Shoulder: 07:00 to 13:59 & 20:01-22:00 = 24c/kwh
      – off peak: 22:00 to 07:00 = 13c/kwh
      However… weekends have no peak, its just all off peak & shoulder – and the hours change in winter/summer! So being able to set rates & times is critical.

      There is also “controlled load”, where a specific circuit (hot water) is turned off/on by the electricity company, thats normally 13c/kwh
      And solar feed in is 9-11c/kwh!

      lots to do for this feature 🙂

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