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      Greetings everyone!,

      It would be really good idea to be able to put say circuit 3-5 under the category of receptacles(Which you already have the ability built into the application). Then on the home page that breaks it down have it total it by category and be able to see locations of that category by branching out the category

      be like this basically (Home Page of application)

      Example 1:

      MAIN (1.000 100%)

      ->Receiptables (0.900 100%)

      ->>Living Room (.300 33%)

      ->>Kitchen (.300 33%)
      ->>Sunroom (.300 33%)

      Example 2:




      ->>Living Room



      This would really improve the over all ability of at a glance determinations of power consumption as well as give it a much cleaner appearance. It is only a minor coding update on the application end since all the data is already flowing to the application from the hardware.

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      @mattclient thanks for your idea to have categories within the circuit breakout.   As we expand the capabilities of the Vue adding SMART Plugs and new hardware that will support 16 expansion circuits, categories within the expansion circuits is definitely on the development road map.   I have forwarded your example to our development team as well.   Thanks!

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