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      Hello, I have had the Vue Utility connect version for about a week now and I am very happy with it. The plug and play functionality of it has been great. Getting it up and running in under 10 minutes was a huge plus. I get that this is probably marketed to a group of people that would prefer not to get into their electrical box, but now that I have the Vue, I really want to track individual circuits. Any expansion modules on the horizon that will work with the Utility Connect version? If not, I get it, would be cool if it was an option though.

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      Marty @Emporia
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      @tr1ple8 thanks for the feedback on the Utility Connect Set up!   We have discussed integrating an expansion module with the Vue Utility Connect and this is on our long term development roadmap.  We are a small team, with limited resources and right now we don’t have a specific release date. We appreciate your feedback and hope you understand that we’re working very hard to prioritize the many enhancements that have been requested.

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      This is exactly what I want.  I bought the original Vue a few months ago, but unfortunately had to return is as the clamps (even the slim clamps) didn’t fit in my sdge box.

      I got the Utility connect yesterday and am very impressed by it.  But I would also love to monitor the individual circuits.

      Now that I can monitor the total power usage via the utility connect, I don’t need the fat clamps to fit around, but the smaller individual clamps for each circuit would fit…so combining both would be perfect.



      Utility connect for the over all, Vue 2 or similar for the individual curcits (but not monitoring the overall with the big clamps ,as they don’t fit).


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