Extend the Notification feature to the Balance

Emporia Energy Community Product Ideas Extend the Notification feature to the Balance

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      I installed 8 CTs on my main circuits but unfortunately the HeatPump is not one of them because the circuit breaker for the HP is above 50A. I love what you’ve done with the newly added Notification feature and I wonder if you can extend adding an alert to the balance value which is “Main” – “connected CTs”. I know my consumption and my balance is typically insignificant until my central heat/AC kicks on. I will be able to setup an alert for when my HeatPump turns on/off. I’m sure many could think of other appliances that lingers in the Balance and they like to get notified on it.

      Thank you

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      @einvestor thanks for the feedback.   Please note that the 50A sensors reach saturation at 75A, and if the load goes above that the reading will just be maxed out…no harm to the sensor or Vue.

      I have already submitted your recommendation to allow for alertes/notifications on balance.

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