Flexible current sensors (Rogowski coils) everywhere!

Emporia Energy Community Product Ideas Flexible current sensors (Rogowski coils) everywhere!

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      My electrical panel is very tightly packed.  My panel consists of one tall single column of breakers, many of which are the “tandem” type breakers (two circuits in one breaker slot).    It’s quite a struggle to install the 50A CTs.   I have no idea how common this type of panel is but every house in my neighborhood has them.     I had planned on an installation taking an hour or two, but it’s taking me much longer trying to get everything to fit.

      I had to use the 200A flexible current sensors  (rogowski coils) on mains and those were a pleasure to install around the busbars.   (Installing the integrators and separate power supply was a bit of hassle though).

      Perhaps on a future generation Vue you guys could use flexible current sensors everywhere instead of using the CTs.

      Ideally the required integrators and power for the integrators could be incorporated into the Vue box itself rather than needing an external power supply and analog integrators.   Perhaps the integration could done in software rather than using a powered analog device…If all that could be done, you’d have a system that’s much easier to install, especially in tight panels.    From what i’ve read on WikiPedia the rogowski coils might even be more accurate and faster responding than CTs when measuring 50 or 60 cycle currents.

      I’d definitely pay extra for flexible sensors on all my circuits instead of battling the CTs plus the solid core wires in my extremely cramped panel.   I imagine the production cost could be brought down if the integration was performed in software and power supply was incorporated in the Vue box.



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      Hello @yyzguy,

      We certainly understand the challenges of these panels and I’m glad the Flexible Sensors worked for your mains.   Expanding these beyond the main sensors would be expensive and require significant development time and we just don’t have the bandwidth for that today.   It took us almost 2 years to bring the existing flexible sensors to market.   We are looking at other possibilities such as SMART breakers that would connect via Bluetooth to our Vue device and will continue to work with your hardware team to decrease the size of our sensors whenever possible.

      Thanks so much for the feedback and your business!




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      Okay, thanks.   I had no idea it took 2  years to bring those sensors to market.   I’m glad to have found your system now instead of two years ago!

      I sorta found about you guys quite by accident.   Then as I was looking around for other solutions, was also surprised to see that nobody else seems to be doing what you’re doing.    The closest thing I saw was a system for measuring mains only.  They claim they can use AI to figure out what’s consuming power within the house….that seems like a stretch.

      Anyway, with just a few days data I’ve learned quite a bit.    I suspected my hot tub (23 years old)  was using too much power, but it’s not.   At least not during summer just running the circulation pump twice per day.


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