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      Jim @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      About the Emporia Community

      Emporia created this forum as a place where people interested in Emporia products can connect with one another, ask questions, get help, and share their stories.

      Having a problem with your Vue?

      While you are welcome to seek help in the Support Center forum, we nevertheless encourage you to address installation problems by reaching out to the Emporia Customer Support Team.

      Before you post

      • Register an account to use The Emporia Community.
      • Introduce yourself!
      • Use the Search feature. It’s quite possible your question has already been answered. Check for a relevant topic you can post in before starting a new topic.
      • Post in the right place. Forums help us stay organized. Please make sure you post in the forum most relevant to your topic.
      • Abide by the guidelines below.

      Community Guidelines

      • We’re here to help. If you are new to The Emporia Community and have a question, just ask! The Emporia staff, moderators and other users are happy to help.
      • Show respect. The Emporia Community should be an inclusive and positive experience for everyone. Your opinions are always welcome, but personal attacks and harassment in The Emporia Community aren’t acceptable. Moderators reserve the right to remove any content and any account for any reason at any time.
      • Uphold privacy. Don’t share personal information about other members in the community. Don’t share personal information from your interaction with Emporia Support including names and contact information of any employees.
      • Post on-topic. Please stay relevant. Don’t change the subject in the middle of a conversation. Please don’t discuss personal matters, abuse ANY company or product, or post in a manner unrelated to Emporia products and services. Remember anything you post is public for the Internet to see and can be obtained and used by others. Post at your own risk and responsibility.
      • Don’t spam. Please don’t use it to promote third-party services, products, websites, or organizations. Please don’t post content such as advertising, junk mail, spam, chain letters, or any other form of unauthorized solicitation.
      • Offer constructive criticism. Whether directed towards Emporia or others, criticism is acceptable and important, but please be constructive. This is a community dedicated to productive discussion meant to help others and improve products and product features.
      • Keep it legal. It is unacceptable to post anything that infringes on any patent, trademark, copyright, or other proprietary rights of any party, or discloses any trade secret or confidential information that is deemed to be illegal by any local, state, federal, or international law.
      • Be careful. While people in the Emporia Community are happy to help, remember their advice is theirs only. You are responsible for deciding whether or not to follow it. If the advice given by a user sounds wrong or risky to you, do not try it! Remember that installing the Emporia Vue requires working around dangerous voltage that could lead to injury or death. Emporia recommends that installation be performed by a licensed electrician or other qualified professional in accordance with the regional electrical code where it is being installed.

      How Emporia uses the Community information

      Emporia monitors this community so that we can improve the features, hardware, software, and user experience of our products and services.

      If your post contains a product suggestion or new feature idea, you agree that:

      1. When you submit to the Emporia Community forums, your post and all its contents become the property of Emporia Energy, with no compensation due to you.
      2. Emporia may use your post in any way for any purpose, including implementation in Emporia products or services.
      3. Emporia is under no obligation to review your posts.
      4. Emporia is under no obligation to keep your post confidential.
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