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      Would like the ability to create circuit combinations that we could graph (stacked) together. For instance I’d like to combine my Air Handler and Outdoor compressor into a single “preset” I could graph and see total combined energy use of my A/C. The same might be true for any other combinations of circuits like maybe the Washer and Dryer to see what the combined “Laundry Day” preset might look like.

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      Kevin @ Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hi @robnelsen,

      Good news! We’ll certainly have the first piece of this functionality available soon. Combining (or “merging”) circuits will be added to the app shortly. The graphing aspect of this feature will be coming later as well.

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      This is great, and exactly what I came here to ask about – I have a 4-plex and want to combine circuits by apartment to quickly see total usage in the app, and then looking at the graph would be a bonus.  Any timeline for this update? Thanks, I am really enjoying this so far.  As an energy researcher, a public API would be nice, but as a building owner, it is very useful!!

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