graph drop down to change loads from the graph page

Emporia Energy Community Product Ideas graph drop down to change loads from the graph page

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      I love the product, easy install, works very well. Only thing I would like to see besides what was already mentioned is when looking at a graph, I would love a drop down menu of loads I can choose from the graph screen so I can easily switch from load to load while staying on the graph screen. Right now I have to hit the home icon, change the load and go back to graph.

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      Hi @berfman, if you click the branch circuits symbol on the Graph screen (see pic)

      branch circuits symbol icon

      It brings up a overlay window that shows all the Emporia Devices and Circuits (see pic)

      Emporia Devices and Circuits image

      And you can tap one and the app displays its graph!  I think that is close to what you’re asking for, right?

      I’m new to the Vue so I don’t know if this is a new feature coinciding with the release of the Gen 2 or predates it.


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