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      It would be really great to be able to see the “balance” in graph.


      I have been able to find and eliminate a majority of excess electricity usage using emporia, but I have still some relatively substantial usage that I haven’t been able to identify. That usage is in the balance for me. I have changed multiple times which circuits I am metering.

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      I’m wondering if someone from Emporia could definitively explain what “Balance” actually is. I’ve seen others explain this as “usage on unmonitored circuits”. The thing is I have no unmonitored circuits.

      So when I look at my numbers, during the day when I have solar production the “Balance” equals my “Total Usage” and “Net Production” added together essentially showing my “Total Production”. Once the sun goes down my “Total Usage” and “Net Usage” are the same and my balance is 0.

      During the day my balance could be as high as 12,000 and at night it’s 0.  So how could this be unmonitored usage?

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      Based on what you describe, you do have an unmonitored circuit – your solar.  This makes perfect sense why seeing a green (generation) balance during the day, and zero balance at night.

      There are a few ways your solar could be connected.  If you have it backfeeding a breaker in your panel, you would put a circuit clamp on it and flag the circuit as solar.  When you do this, you balance will also be zero (or thereabouts) – regardless of day/night or generation amount.  You will see the exact solar generation broken out separately, along with mains and net.  Alternately, if you have your solar line-tapped, you will see what you are describing since there is no clamp on the solar itself, so the software is displaying this as an unknown surplus (balance) during the day.

      A photo of how you have your clamps and solar would likely allow for a better explanation, since there are several ways you have things installed.

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