Graph of Total Usage (with Solar Net Metering)

Emporia Energy Community Product Ideas Graph of Total Usage (with Solar Net Metering)

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      I have a Vue 2 set up with Solar. It is accurately measuring my net metering on the mains, and if you click on “Mains” you can see a chart that measures this over time, fluctuating from positive to negative (blue to green) depending on solar generation. This is a nice chart. I like it.

      However, I would ALSO like to be able to view a graph of Total Usage. Without Solar (e.g., at night or if I don’t hook up the solar CTs), this is easy as the Mains chart is the same as Total Usage, so I can just look at “Mains” to get “Total Usage”. But when solar is generating, there is no way (that I can tell) to plot total usage over time. Why not allow clicking on “Total Usage” to allow plotting this on its own, like you can with “Mains” and each of the individual circuits?

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      Hello @larryboy this is great feedback!  Currently the total usage is not available to be graphed and I have added this as request.   I’m sure many customers like yourself would like this so we will definitely do our best to get this released just as soon as possible.

      Thanks so much for your feedback and please let us know if you have any further feedback on how to improve the user interface.


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      Just chiming in to give my support for graphing ‘total usage’.  Would be nice to see to keep track of conservation measures.

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      It would be nice to have a dashboard with Produced Power, Exported Power,Imported Power and Consumed Power.

      The way it shows now is very confusing .

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      Bumping this thread as i’d love the ability to track my actual usage over time w/o Solar.  What’s the status of this feature request?

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      Hello All,

      We are doing our best to build the many feature enhancements on our roadmap – both those requested by our customers and those that will make Emporia the best Smart Home Energy Management service available.  We maintain a very small development team in order to ensure this service remains free to you.  Their priorities are often adjusted to fix critical customer facing issues or to build features that will have the broadest impact to our customer base. I will definitely pass your feedback on to the team. Rest assured, we have not lost track of this enhancement.

      To make sure you get emails when new features are announced, please make sure you are subscribed to our mailing list at



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