How are you using your Emporia Smart Plugs?

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      Curious to hear what others are using their smart plugs for. I’ve just ordered 4 and can’t wait to get them. I have plans for some fairly complicated automations using Home Assistant, and I found a custom integration someone built that will allow control of my Emporia plugs.

      I actually plan to use all 4 on the same circuit, which happens to cover a lot of ground along one wall:

      • I’ll put one on my work desk power strip, and build an automation such that, whenever my laptop is connected to that external monitor, the whole desk turns on/off, powering my monitor, laptop charger, and work equipment (this is something I currently have working with a different smart plug, but I want energy monitoring for just my desk)
      • Another I’ll put on my dehumidifier, which is again replacing a different smart plug – this I automatically control based on a humidity sensor and the peak electricity rates
      • I’ll put one on my TV/Home Theater system, and potentially create some automations to turn it on/off when we’re sleeping or when no one is home
      • Lastly I’ll put one on my chest freezer, mostly to isolate the usage specifically for that appliance (and possibly to justify buying a more energy-efficient one in the future). I don’t intend to turn this one on/off.

      The layout of my circuits unfortunately mean that all these devices (in addition to my modem, router, and mini-computer server) are on one circuit which runs the length of my basement through a couple rooms.

      What devices do you use your smart plugs on?

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