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      How do I get the app to add negative numbers correctly?


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      I think what you’re seeing is a rounding error.  I have solar as well – so see this screen often.  Total usage is what your house is currently using – in your case 6.216kW.  Solar is what your array is providing – 3.639kW.  And Main is what the net power usage is – so if you have net metering – what is or isn’t going back to the grid – in your case you’re using 2.576kW of grid power.  If the Main number goes negative then that’s what’s going back to the grid.  I say rounding error as 3.639 (solar) +2.576 (grid) is 6.215 (close to your 6.216 reading).

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      Thanks for that suggestion – at least it gave me something to chase.

      If I changed the multiplier on Solar, then by that reasoning total usage wouldn’t change. However, when I do change the multiplier and the Solar -ve number doubles or triples, the usage goes up accordingly.

      In addition, the power company gives me a credit every month, so if I am not producing more than I am using, this would not be the case.

      I also still have access to the previous company solar metering (I got the Emporia kit because the previous vendors web app is no longer supported as it uses flash – so I have to use bit of an adobe flash hack with an older browser to check my generation and usage) and again, those numbers are not matching/adding the way Emporia is doing it.




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      Hello @bearalypse Please keep in mind total usage is calculated off your solar usage and Main usage(net metering).   Increasing the value of your solar generation will have a direct and linear impact to your total usage since this is looking at your net metering usage..which is not changing so total usage goes up.

      Please reach out to our support team if you would like to discuss further.


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