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      I wanted to share results from our first full year with a Rheem hybrid (heat pump) hot water heater.

      Our family of 3 with zero conservation efforts used 729kwh last year for hot water. Yes that’s under $70 in my market, saving $300-400 annually compared to a conventional electric tank.

      My tank was $1550 and a $500 utility rebate, so great ROI!

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      Jim @Emporia
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      Awesome! @ecofriendlycheapass.com Thanks for sharing.

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      After installing solar in 2018 we started looking at Sense, which we started this energy journey with and found after Central HVAC water heating was the second most expensive thing we did here. We chose to migrate to LP gas using the tankless Rennnai whole house propane water heater and installed in the barn kitchen an Eemax ‘point of use’ 240VAC electric water. The combined electric savings of making this change paid for the new water heaters in just 16 months! So, I highly recommend the point of use and propane as the alternative to electric tank water heaters. To maintain a tank temperature all day for use when you shower once at night and do laundry every three days…. well, you see the point.

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      Optimal for cost definitely varies a lot by region. What’s your cost of propane?

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      Youtuber Technology Connections has a series of video’s about the difference in electrical efficiency between resistive heating  at 100% and heat pumps which can be in the 500% range. We recently moved to a more rural location that has only electric, where as previously we’ve had natural gas for the water heater and furnace. While our heat and AC are on the same reversible heat pump, unfortunately the previous owners only got a resistive unit for the water heater. Having just gotten my Vue installed yesterday I spotted our water heater using 5kw for a brief while after our first shower. Obviously I don’t have enough data to make a blanket statement about it’s usage over time in comparison to other uses, it didn’t take long for it to jump to the #3 circuit in that one use. The jury is still out if the entertainment center or my gaming workstation will use more over time. You can bet however that we’ll definitely be investing in a heat pump water heater when this one dies.

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      @ShieldSean don’t wait for your tank to die.  Get it out of there and replace it with a heat pump water tank – we use the Rheem mentioned in the top post.  Our hot water energy usage (previously had what was called an ‘efficient’ tank) went from a strong #2 (around $30/mo) to an also ran among things like our fridge (now using about $7/mo).  The savings are crazy.  There’s a fed tax rebate and lots of power companies offer rebates as well.  Our ROI time was more or less a year with the rebates.  The warranty on the Rheem is 10 years.  Do it.  Don’t wait.

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