I can read reply and can’t reply back even after login.

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      The affected thread titled “In app merging of metered breakers”. After first login. I attempt to reply message addressed to me, I scroll down expecting to see an edit section ready to reply. I saw no edit window, instead the section requesting – I must login to reply messages. I comply with a second login. When done it brings me to front page instead of put me where I was. I had to roam down to where I was. Once I got back, there were no edit section again only the same page asking for login. So I comply with a login the third time. Front page show up again, roam back to message page only to see same page asking for login again. I have gone through the above e cycle multiple times with no luck. Can anyone offer any directions or help?

      I ran further test, randomly roam to other topic and read messages. Then scroll down to bottom and I saw edit window. I keep trying few other topics and there were edit window with all I visited. Except this title “In app merging of metered breakers”

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