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      Dear developers.
      I really like your product and would like to use https://ifttt.com/ integration that will allow to use Emporia Vue Meter with home automation services. Also would be great if you will implement mqtt support or, as it was mentioned in one of previous topics, to provide API for home automation systems.
      Thank you!

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      Great idea! IFTTT is a wonder tool for home automation. I would love to see this implemented soon.

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      Jim @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Thanks for your feedback. APIs and IFTTT integration are on our roadmap and we’ll be working on it in the coming months.

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        I just swapped out my TP-Link Kasa plug for one of my Emporias, assuming that if it worked with Alexa and Google, it must work with IFTTT.  Doh!  🤦‍♂️  I’m really disappointed that over two years after we were told you’d be working on it “in the coming months”, it’s still not done, as far as I can see.  Whether or not hundreds of your customers are clamoring for it in your forums here, I can guarantee you there is a substantial portion of your customer base who will be quite disappointed (as was I) when they realize it doesn’t work with IFTTT.  My most-pressing need is just to be able to turn the plugs on and off through IFTTT, but as others have said, I could also really use the ability to use energy usage thresholds as triggers in IFTTT, as well.  Someone mentioned being able to know when certain devices/appliances finish their cycles on your phone, and that’s one use case I would appreciate, as well, for my washer, dryer, distiller, and even humidifiers (when they run out of water).  Keep in mind that each one of us who is clamoring for this is another Emporia customer who is likely to be shopping around for a different energy monitoring plug that does have the IFTTT integration, as I am now doing–and therefore, a customer at risk of being lost.

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      Has there been any progress on the IFTTT integration for Gen 2 Vue?

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      IFTTT integration is critical for those of us who wish to be able to receive notifications other than mobile push. I need to be able to receive middle of the night phone calls to alert me when my sump pumps or well pump are excessively running in order to prevent flooding or a pump motor burning out.

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      I too am requesting IFTTT support. I’d like to be able to use smart buttons to trigger my Emporia smartplugs.

      Have there been any development updates to report over the past year?

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      I am honestly baffled that this is not implemented yet. I got an emporia for the express purpose of providing my wife with notifications of when our clothes washer has finished a cycle. Using the Sense energy monitor IFTTT integration this is an extremely simple task (it is even a suggested applet). With the emporia, I cannot figure out any built in functionality that could accomplish this task whatsoever.

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      That said, I guess I should point out that, given the extremely low price of these plugs (at 1/4 the price or less of the competition), I guess missing features like that are probably part of the reason the price is so low, and we should accept that.  I would definitely be willing to pay a little more for the IFTTT integration, though. 🙂

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      I agree with @maximillianc (but am unable to reply directly to his comment above regarding IFTTT and smart plugs). I only bought this system because I wasn’t happy with the Sense energy monitor and I noticed that emporia had IFTTT on their roadmap. There are probably a lot of customers like me who use this to monitor critical systems like sump pumps and well pumps. I actually bought 2 separate systems. One for my house and one on my barn. I wanted to set this system up to call my phone if any of my pumps ran beyond a certain time threshold, which would indicate a failure of some sort.

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      Plus one for IFTTT integration! I just got the EVSE and Vue. I have my EVSE set to charge overnight during off-peak time. It would be super helpful to be able to use IFTTT to initiate charging outside the normal schedule if needed.

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      Has there been any update on the IFTTT integration? It is great being able to track solar generation, but my ultimate goal with the Emporia is to be able to use the information to trigger home automation tasks.

      I am  based in the UK, so the plugs are not an option. I notice in the app there is some thermostat integration – has anyone had any experience with these? Are these services available outside of the US?

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      Wow… does Emporia even read the forums any more?

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      I understand UK plugs are going to release in UK this summer.

      I hope they are moving forward with API, so 3rd party integrations can emerge.

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