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      Dear developers.
      I really like your product and would like to use https://ifttt.com/ integration that will allow to use Emporia Vue Meter with home automation services. Also would be great if you will implement mqtt support or, as it was mentioned in one of previous topics, to provide API for home automation systems.
      Thank you!

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      Great idea! IFTTT is a wonder tool for home automation. I would love to see this implemented soon.

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      Jim @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Thanks for your feedback. APIs and IFTTT integration are on our roadmap and we’ll be working on it in the coming months.

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      Has there been any progress on the IFTTT integration for Gen 2 Vue?

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      IFTTT integration is critical for those of us who wish to be able to receive notifications other than mobile push. I need to be able to receive middle of the night phone calls to alert me when my sump pumps or well pump are excessively running in order to prevent flooding or a pump motor burning out.

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      I too am requesting IFTTT support. I’d like to be able to use smart buttons to trigger my Emporia smartplugs.

      Have there been any development updates to report over the past year?

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      I am honestly baffled that this is not implemented yet. I got an emporia for the express purpose of providing my wife with notifications of when our clothes washer has finished a cycle. Using the Sense energy monitor IFTTT integration this is an extremely simple task (it is even a suggested applet). With the emporia, I cannot figure out any built in functionality that could accomplish this task whatsoever.

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