IFTTT integration — what’s the hold up?

Emporia Energy Community Product Ideas IFTTT integration — what’s the hold up?

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      Its now been almost 2 yrs since the first request for IFTTT integration. What seems to be the holdup? This should be on the fast track not a long term goal. Even no name smart switches have IFTTT integration.

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      John Polasek

      The “holdup” is that doing so would allow local data collection without sending anything to the cloud… and THAT is something apparently completely against the Emporia “Business Model”…  Github already has several third party ways to download the cloud data into an influx database (one of which I am currently using to feed my home automation system), and one of my greatest fears is that as soon as Emporia gets enough units out there, they will block all access to their servers without paying as much as the market will bear in a monthly subscription…. or like the cloud only moisture sensors I purchased 6 years ago, the company will go out of business and I’ll be left with HTTP:404 trying to pull the data.


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