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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Known Emporia Issues

      Here we’ll keep a list of known issues that the Development and Customer Services Teams are tracking. As well as any quick fixes we may have for these issues. We’ll keep this list updated and indicate when an issue is resolved in a firmware/software update.

      • Expansion Module Doesn’t Show up In my App:
        Checking the app after connecting the Expansion Module to your Vue, data from the Vue is visible, but the expansion circuits are not.
        This may be a software, hardware, or firmware issue.
        Software: Try logging out and back into the App
        Hardware: The cable between the Vue and the Expansion Module is not seated properly in the ports
        Firmware: Your Vue may not be on the most recent firmware. Contact Emporia Support.
      • App displaying wrong data for Vue:
        Switching between Vues on the Home Page graphs can sometimes cause the Graph to display wrong/mixed data
      • Solved 11-27 (App Version Can’t rename Expansion Circuit:
        The keyboard on the app hides the Save button on Circuit name/multiplier pages making it impossible to rename the circuit.
      • Energy use in CSV Minute Data Export is mislabeled as kWh.
        It should be kW.
      • App Typo:
        Household Info > Home Type > Apartment is spelled ‘apatment’
      • Vue Info shows Solar = Not Provided when monitoring solar:
        App will monitor solar as expected, but app is not getting proper flag from DB
      • CSV for expansion module shows timestamp in UTC:
        It should provide timestamps in local time like the export for the main Vue.
      • iOS app prompted to turn on Bluetooth every time the app is freshly opened.
        App should only ask for Bluetooth when onboarding or resetting a Vue.
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