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      I have an expansion pack with 8 CTs. I would like to be able to monitor a few additional circuits. It would be great if you offered a 12-or-16 ct pack, or if you allowed daisy chaining of expansion packs.

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hello sperlingj, Thanks for your feedback on the capacity of our expansion module. We are currently looking into a few options as it relates to the increasing the circuit capacity of our expansion module. We hope to have this option available sometime mid next year. thanks!

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      I second this

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      Same here, thanks!

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      I went ahead and installed two Vues, each with an 8 circuit expansion in my breaker box. I only used the large main line monitors from one of the Vues. With a total of 16 individual circuits plus two on the mains, that a lot of wires in the box. Everything has been working great since day one. I found that “noise” caused the sum of the 16 circuits to slightly exceed the readings from the mains.

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      Yes please.

      Make it and I’ll order it as soon as it comes out.

      Would love to be able to monitor remaining circuits

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      Another person looking for a larger expansion pack here!  We have 30 circuits active, some of those are 220VAC so two readers taken for just one circuit.

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      agree that 8 is small.

      I just bought a second kit to monitor more than 8.

      maybe thinking to integrate this situation to the new solution! I would like to be able to see it as 1 units monitoring 18 circuits + mains and to be able to see the balance of my 18 circuits.

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      @cjr doesn’t that effectively double count all of the circuits on your second Vue that does not have the primary clamps in use?

      Your Main Vue reads all load from the service lines and provides details for the 8 circuits you have connected to it, showing the remaining load as ‘Balance’

      Your Second Vue only reads load from the circuits you have connected, which may be some or all of the ‘Balance’ from the Main Vue.

      Clearly, you can do the math yourself, but if you were to just add the load/cost from both Vue’s you would be double dipping, right?

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      Having a second plug on the expansion module that would allow them to daisy chain together would be ideal, each additional module that is connected would present more circuits under the same Vue. In addition, with a (optionally) longer cable to connect expansion modules together, you could possibly connect Main and Sub panels all to one Vue, eliminating the double counting that currently exists when a second Vue is added for sub panels.

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      @toddbecker Thanks for your feedback on the subject.   Currently our Vue with expansion module has limitations to the power and digital to analog converters used in the hardware that forced us to settle for 8 sensors to keep our base price as low as possible.

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      Honestly, I would be more than happy buying a new version with larger expansion capability at higher cost.
      Straight up. This is an awesome product with a few missing features and minor annoyances.
      And it would be worth every cent, including the price of buying the original hardware, to get a version of this product that would address the limitations.

      Just my two cents.

      Thank you guys for making this in the first place.

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      @emporia, I agree with @zordrack. If I had to pay for new hardware to enable monitoring more circuits, I would definitely do that. I have some friends who are considering home energy monitoring, and I would just sell them my old hardware for half price if I upgraded.

      I really want 4 updates before I consider Emporia almost perfect (and worth a lot more than it costs), in this order of importance:

      1. The ability to monitor more circuits
      2. On the app’s homes screen where you see the % energy use by each circuit, be able to look at past time periods (e.g., look at any given month)
      3. Enable alerts (e.g., when a circuit uses a certain amount of energy at once, over a given period of time, or doesn’t use as much as expected)
      4. Support for smart outlets that can either be nested within a circuit or separate from a circuit

      With these 4 features, it would clearly be the best home energy monitor under $250.

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      I would add to that, and i have dropped requests under the feature request as well the following features before considering perfect:

      1. A real web interface (hopefully with a decent API).
      2. The ability to measure and record peak startup current (this is honestly what i initially bought it for).
      3. The ability to measure and record line voltage.

      And again. I would be more than happy buying new/additional hardware to make this work.

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