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      I have 2 panels, but only has the Vue in one.  I’m getting readings that don’t add up.  I’m showing 16A of solar production, a 32A Other, and 16A on Main.  I should be seeing a negative on main, and no Other.

      the panel I have it in has my “utility” things and a couple circuits from the basement.  as a test, I made sure everything was off except the one circuit that has my router on it (and a TV).  I have 2 sensors on the solar just to make sure it’s even, both have a -1.0 multiplier. screen shot and sensor connections shown below


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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hello, can you please send us an email @ with your contact information so we can review further.   Please be sure to include the email that your Emporia Vue account is under.


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