Maximum WiFi Password Length?

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      Picked up a Vue Utility Connect with the idea that if this works out nicely, I’d augment it with a Vue 2 to monitor individual circuits. Space is very tight around the utility service lines in my panel, so I doubt even I’d even be able to get the flexible CTs in there. So the Utility Connect will serve as the main breaker CTs and I’ll nest the Vue 2 under it.

      Got my Utility Connect today, plugged in and hooked up to wifi and Utility Zigbee pretty easily.

      But I ran into an issue with the wifi connection – my primary wifi has a pretty long password – 25 characters long – I tried multiple times, but no go. Switched over to my guest wifi and it connected the first time – it’s password is 15 characters long. Both are longer than the 12 characters I saw as a suggestion.

      Is there an actual known maximum password length? In my opinion, it’s crazy to have a maximum – this is the first device I’ve had this issue…

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