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      I’m wondering if your next iteration of the app will be able to navigate around 5 ghz channels.

      For example, let’s say I have one network called “Mynetwork.” It includes both 2.4 ghz and a couple 5 ghz channels. Unless I separate the names such as (for example) Mynetwork-24Ghz and Mynetwork-5ghz, I have issues trying to connect the emporia to my single-names network. One workaround on my end is to reduce the TX/transmission level on the 5 ghz channels and try connecting but it’s a bit of a hack.

      I’ve heard (and perhaps incorrectly) that this has to do with the way apps are setup and that the app’s means of connecting and navigating the difference has to do with the code. Emporia Vue is not alone in this case, I’ve had several other devices encounter issues with navigating and connecting between the channels. But it would be nice if this was fixed/added if possible. Thank you.

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      Marty @Emporia
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      @charlie thanks for the input on 2.4 ghz and 5 ghz.   I have sent this on to our engineering team to see if there is anything on our end that can be done.   Several customers of ours including several employee’s(me included) have mesh networks under the same SSID and we haven’t experienced this issue.

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