Minute data only downloading One day!!!

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      I hope this is a bug that we can recover from, and not an un-announced change in downloading policy.

      A few month back, the Minute download were limited to one week, which at least allowed us to archive all our data with a weekly download.

      Today I tried too download the last week of data, and the minute data only goes back ONE DAY!

      Can you tell me if this is a temporary bug and if I will be able to recover my minute data from June 12 (my last download)?

      Or is the data Lost?

      And is the One day an unannounced change?

      Looking forward to hearing back from Emporia on this soon!

      Best regards

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      Actually, it seems we just lost data before June 16th at 3:01

      When I try to download the last week today, the minutes only start from june 16th at 3:01, same as yesterday

      The hours downloads are fine and.

      Can you tell us if the data between june 12th and june 16th is lost for good?

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      Kevin @ Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hey @scrambler,

      Sorry for the missing data, this is a result from our database maintenance yesterday. Migrating the minutes data turned out to be causing a lot of performance issues for the rest of the application’s functionality including the onboarding of new devices. Since the minutes data is temporary, we won’t be migrating the remaining historical minutes data over to the new database setup. All of the new minutes data is being saved correctly, but we will be missing a few days of historical minutes data as an unintended consequence of the database work. Our apologies from the team.

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      Too bad

      Thank you for the update.

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