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      I’m considering installing a Gen 2 Vue in a location that does not have traditional wired internet access. Approximately how much data up/down does the Gen 2 use, and is this configurable at all? Is it linearly dependent on the number of current sensors used?

      I think I’d read on another thread that the Vue continues to maintain accurate energy numbers even when not connected to the internet. Is this true? If so, would a viable option to limit data usage be to only allow the Vue internet access for some of the time each day? (Presuming that I only care about accurate energy numbers and not high-resolution power numbers.)


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      Without connection to the internet, you get no data and it is lost when reconnecting. Only the total is supposedly saved, but not the details.

      Numerical data like what the Vue transmits are a VERY small internet load, so I don’t think you should worry about data usage.

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      I found a customer answer on Amazon from over a year ago that stated ~350 MB/month, but still am curious if there’s a more current and/or official number.

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      Hi @skcolb,

      The Gen 2 Vue currently has the following data usage metrics (found on the FAQ):

      • Gen 2 Vue two 200A (mains only): ~2.6 MB / day
      • Gen 2 Vue with two 200A mains plus eight 50A sensors: ~13 MB / day
      • Gen 2 Vue with two 200A mains plus sixteen 50A sensors: ~30.2 MB / day

      As you can see, there is a direct relationship between the number of CT’s monitoring your circuits and the amount of data transferred daily. There aren’t any plans at the moment to customize data transmission rates, but I’ll mention it to the team.

      The Vue is able to record data even when offline, but it can only buffer this data for a certain time period (~15mins) before it needs to send it up to the cloud. So as @scrambler mentioned, the Vue will attempt to upload whatever data it has to the cloud when it reconnects, but if that period has been too long then you’ll miss out on details, but will be able to see the cumulative amount (as long as the Vue doesn’t lose power).

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

      Emporia Support Team


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