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      Here’s my install pic.  I have 300A service entering from the big box on the right, going to two service panels.  Most of the sensors are in the 200A panel that is very full.  There is no room there for the Vue and all its cabling and I wanted to have sensors in 4 different boxes so I put the Vue in its own box beneath the main panel and connected it with conduit to the other boxes.

      The 200A sensors are on the 300A cables entering the house in the main box.  Most of the sensors are in the 200A panel.   A couple of sensors are in the second panel.    I used mono audio patch cables to extend the sensors in the two right hand boxes.

      There are also two sensors in the small square box on the lower left.  That is the 30A feed from a generator.  Those sensors are not normally connected, so they don’t consume two of the 16 channels.  You can see the plugs dangling to the right of the Vue’s box.   During a power outage I would swap them with the utility ones in A/B/C sockets.

      Important note: if you have a load-side transfer switch like me and you want to use it during a power outage it’s important to put the Vue’s power cables on a pair of breakers that are on opposite phases BOTH on utility service AND on generator.  This needs a little planning.

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      You are gonna need to publish a book of diagrams so that anyone who comes after you can figure all of that out.

      Great job explaining what you are doing.

      I see that you are using a circuit transfer box for your generator.  I’m using an interlock system that will have its’ own CTs going to a separate box completely.

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      I am so jealous of all you guys with panels inside your house (and lucky enough to have a basement).  Here in AZ basements are a luxury item, and our panels are outside.  My panel can reach 160+ in the heat of the summer.  It makes it hard to play with sensors during the day, and at night it is hard to work in the dark.

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