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      I installed my emporia fue with expansion module yesterday. However, I don’t understand why I have a negative balance if I have all my multipliers on 1 and I don’t use any solar power. Is there some way to fix this, because the numbers are getting messed up because of this. By the way, I have an additional 22 breakers that are not connected to the emporia vue, so the balance should be quite big, not negative!


      thanks in advance.Negative balance in app

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      Marty @Emporia
      Emporia Staff

      Hello @lucasboterov thanks for reaching out to us regarding your negative balance.   I tried to pull up your account to review your device and readings, but need an email that the address that the account is associated with.    Can you pelase email with your details.


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      Me too.

      I get negatives balances. Don’t know what’s going on. Also I have all 16 sensors showing, but I don’t have all 16 sensors installed. How do I hide the inactive ones?

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