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      I’ve been a Sense user since 2016 or 17… can’t remember when… While it was nice to be able to see my total electrical usage, I was never able to get it to successfully pick out individual devices as advertised… So I dumped it…

      I installed the Vue yesterday… easy install… about an hour and it works great…

      I only have a couple of issues:

      1) I got 2 packs of 8 CT’s… One pack had fairly flexible lead wires. The other had leads that were much stiffer and more difficult to work with.

      2) Cable management is was the hardest part of the install. I still have a bit of cleanup to do. Thankfully, I had room in the box to work with.

      3) I need more inputs without having to buy another Vue. lol

      Otherwise… I’m perfectly happy and am adding some of the sockets to pick up the circuits that I don’t have CT’s on.

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